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About us

Dear Friends,

We are happy to welcome you on the company website of The Russian Alternative, regardless of how and why you happen to visit our pages! Our company produces collectable miniature models, which can also be used to play many board games. The Company was established not long ago, and for now this is practically a coalition of  people loving to play board games, and wishing to input something of their own into developing miniature models as works of art. We are trying to create something unique, based primarily on our own taste and knowledge about various board games. We offer our customers a “Russian alternative”, another option if you like, the wider choice.

What if there is someone who thinks as we do? What if somebody also would like to have an alternative version of favorite miniatures in a collection? We, for example, want, and that’s exactly why we have created this “Russian alternative”. The name of the company also has an interesting background. Well, Russian is obvious – all company founders are Russian, and patriotism is a good thing to follow! And about Alternative there are several points.

Firstly, we are not trying to create the substitution to existing miniatures, produced by other companies. We produce an “alternative” to all existing and yet-to- be-made miniatures, any of them, suitable for collection and different board games – we suggest only our own view. We are offering players and painters to buy something unique, rare and exclusive. We also offer an assortment of accessories like helmets, banners, spears, swords, etc. And secondly, it is well known that there is such type of art (music, films, and paintings) as “alternative”. We produce modern, progressive miniatures, with high definition and great attention to detail, we nonetheless rely not only on current trends, but also on “background”, it is extremely important to us that everything in a miniature has
a balance – design, detailed elaboration, quality of material, size and compliance with historical background. Our company works with best Russian sculptors and painters, the amount of which, we hope, will keep growing with
time. They use all their experience and skill to create beautiful, useful and easy-to- use miniatures suitable for collecting or playing different board games.

The Russian Alternative company offers miniatures, which:
Are exclusive and unusual
 * Have design and detail, corresponding to the highest standards of players and painters
 * Are nice to hold in hands, all miniatures are made of high quality non lead alloy, specially selected to fit proper weight and texture and 100% safe to use
 * Have prices, which any client shall like.

Besides miniature production, the Russian Alternative company is actively organizing various painting contests. We are keen on providing Russian painters an opportunity to compete against all the best painters from all over the world, providing the best possible level of painters and judges on our contests! We are promoting the development of miniature painting as an art, and are doing our absolute best to support young talents! Maybe, some young painter will progress faster by having an opportunity to compete against the best artists and get an opinion of best judges about his works, maybe someday we help someone to win all the best-known painting contests around the world and have his name printed in a hall of fame! Who knows? At least, we definitely try! 

For further information and communication please visit our Facebook Page and join our Facebook Group In case you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on  and we shall be happy to assist ASAP.

Thanks a lot for visiting us and hope you have a great day!

The Russian Alternative Team