The Dwarves of Fire Canyon with Harquebuses Russian Alternative RESIN

Available: Plastic/Metal

Race: Chaos Dwarfs/ Infernal Dwarves

Size: Unit
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The set contains 10 miniatures:

5 different bodies (2 of each kind)

10 different heads

10 different harquebuses + 3 different handguns + 2 pouches with gunpowder + 2 unoccupied hands


When assembling miniatures from this box please pay special attention that Dwarve's Beards and Harquebuses must be matched carefully! Not all beards fit all harquebuses, so those must be manually assorted to ensure proper assembly!

Packaging arrangement:

The miniatures are packed in a branded hard carton box with two layers of foam rubber inside for additional shipping safety.

10 x 20mm bases are included in the set. All miniatures require assembling and painting.

Sculptor: Rozenberg Rozmax Maxim
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