Our Team

Sergey Pavlov (Antinomia) – General Director, Founder of The Russian Alternative, CEO.

Sergey is a hobbyist, private collector and entrepreneur. He has started the company in 2007 and has been its main inspiration and driving force ever since. He is the one who normally starts the idea, sets the main vector of the company development and deals with all finance-related issues. To be honest, Russian Alternative would be impossible without Sergey's expertise in miniature productions and board gaming.

Preferred army: Orcs&Goblins, High Elves (Warhammer FB, Age of Sigmar), Romania (Flames of War)

Contact: pavlov@russian-alternative.com

Ekaterina Garina (Katie) – Marketing & Sales Director, Co-founder of the Russian Alternative, PR&HR specialist.

Katie is a co-founder of the company and is the boss's wife. She deals with all issues regarding promotion, development and marketing strategies, helps with customer relations and is generally the main person to deal with human- related objectives. Normally she would be the person replying to most customer messages all over the world and dealing with enquiries from partners&distributors.

Preferred army: Dark Elves, Dwarves (Warhammer FB, Age of Sigmar); Japan, Soviet Union (Flames of War)

Contact: sales@russian-alternative.com

Yuriy Supron (Gruumsh) – Art Director, Head Painter, Designer.

Yuri is a professional miniatures painter with multiple award-winning works completed over the past 10 years. He is in charge of all practical painting and assembly-related issues, he is normally the first person to test-drive new products and give recommendations on possible improvements to existing ones. Yuri is also painting most of RA's corporate and private collection pieces.

Works gallery:

Preferred army: Orcs&Goblins (Warhammer FB), Orcz (Warhammer 40K)

Contact: gruumsh@russian-alternative.com

Denis Dubanevich (4K) – Technical Director, Head Engineer, Sculptor.

Denis is the person who transforms an idea into a modelling kit. He is in charge of the team of sculptors, making sure the delivered product is easy to assemble, paint and play with for the end-customer. He is in charge of new technologies introduced in our production process and makes sure our products keep up with modern trends.

Works gallery: www.instagram.com/micromancer_miniatures

Preferred army: Warriors of Chaos (Warhammer FB), Orcz, Chaos Space Marines (Warhammer 40K), Orcs (Blood Bowl).

Contact: den@russian-alternative.com

Jamshid Norkulov (Jam) – Head of Production & Logistics.

Jam is the person who makes sure all sets of miniatures are produced of the best quality possible. He deals with all equipment-related issues, keeps an eye on new technologies on the market and consults the team on possible improvements in this area. He also is in charge of handling&shipping process and is responsible for all orders to be carefully packed and dispatched on time.

Preferred army: Vampires, Skaven, Lizards (Warhammer FB, Age of Sigmar)

Contact: jam@russian-alternative.com

Mikhail Savier (Savier) - Lead Artist, Illustrator.

Mikhail is responsible for transforming words and ideas announced by all team members into arts and drawings on paper, which can later be used by Denis and his team of sculptors to create master models. His arts are always extremely close to the final product and tend to reflect current market trends and customer needs.

Works gallery: www.mikhail-savier.com

Preferred army: Warriors of Chaos (Warhammer FB)

Contact: savier@russian-alternative.com